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The Whitsundays Calendar

The Whitsundays offer ideal conditions for bareboating throughout the year, with many protected anchorages and the Great Barrier Reef providing a surf break.

Renting a boat and being in charge of your own holiday offers a great sense of freedom, and choosing when to charter can really alter the experience.

Conditions throughout each month are generally fair, however some key differences may sway your decision on when to escape with us.

Jan – Mar

We run our best specials & offer free nights, there’s also a greater chance of a last-minute charter for those who like to holiday spontaneously. Rain is more apparent during this season, however it does offer ample opportunity to visit fresh waterfalls. The lush flora really comes alive at this time of year, and showers usually pass quickly.

Apr – May

Rain and humidity decreases and wetsuits/stinger suits are no longer required for swimming. Daytime temperatures are pleasant so hiking is back on the menu, with each lookout offering breathtaking panoramic views. The trade winds re-appear which makes keen sailors happy, those steady southerly winds roll through and fill your sails.

June – Aug

Whales migrate north to find a mate or give birth, the Humpbacks provide endless entertainment as they breach and tail slap. Their arrival encourages other marine life to become active, such as  Bottlenose dolphins, Manta Rays, Pilot Whales & Green sea turtles.

Sep – Oct

This is prime time to visit the Whitsundays, with light winds & warm seas, the conditions for boating are sublime. These months have the least expected rainfall, with temperatures around 26°C. Our star gazers love this season, with little light pollution or clouds the clear night sky is awe-inspiring.

Nov – Dec

Northerly winds can open up those lesser visited anchorages and it’s great time to dive & snorkel. There are less crowds, which  gives you the perfect excuse to book an extended charter. You can cruise the top spots with a 12 – 14+ night trip, slowly taking in the sights with plenty of moorings to choose from.


Other considerations when choosing your ideal time…

When do I need to wear stinger suits & can I swim all year round? – We recommend wearing the wetsuits/stinger suits to protect you from the Irukandji jellyfish, they are more prevalent in November – mid-April. Water temperatures rarely drop below 22 in winter and summer temperatures can go as high as 28

Will I be able to fish everywhere & all of the time? – There are reef fish fin closures in October and November, and we provide a map of the fishing zones

Can I visit Hamilton Island – If Hamilton Island is on your must do list, avoid August when they run their race week. Book in early to secure a marina berth in peak periods, our friendly team can do this for you!

Are there any events happening in Airlie Beach whilst I’m there? – Airlie Beach runs events throughout the year, notably our Great Barrier Reef Festival and Festival of Music. Customers are encouraged to check the Tourism Whitsunday Events Calendar to see if their trip coincides with one of these events.