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Festive fare aboard your Bareboat charter

Spending Christmas or New Year’s Eve aboard a luxury catamaran is the perfect tradition. Everyone gets to relax & bond over refreshing drinks and delicious food.

Keep meals fuss-free with some slight tweaks to your usual festive feast.

Here is a little food inspo, perfect for a Whitsunday Xmas spread aboard a bareboat:

Prawns –  The Aussie Xmas staple. Pair with a simple salad, these are a quick n tasty BBQ treat. Fishi will even deliver!

Pre sliced Poultry – Can’t go without the turkey on Christmas day? Purchase pre-cooked and pair it with Brie & Cranberry on sourdough. Perfect for a tropical lunch when you don’t want to cook!

Pavlova – Pick up the pre-made variety, making this dessert a ‘piece of cake’. Simply add whipped cream & fruit.


Chilled Ham – Great for adventure days, pre-make ham salad wraps and take to Whitehaven Beach. Or chop up & add to a stir-in pasta sauce for an effort-free carbonara.

Cheese Board – Sunset snacks and boating go hand-in-hand! Pair your chips & dips with cheeses, finish with olives, pickles & sun-dried tomatoes. Throw in a cocktail or two and ‘this is living, Barry!’

Plum Pudding – The ultimate Xmas day treat. Warm up in the oven or microwave, pair with tinned custard, cream or a splash of rum.