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May 7

Whales of the Whitsundays Sponsorship

Whales of the Whitsundays is an exciting project that has put the Whitsundays on the map as an accredited Whale Heritage Area – the first within the Great Barrier Reef and in a World Heritage Area! We are deeply committed to safeguarding the area where we operate and to fostering collaboration with local conservation initiatives, […]

Apr 4

The Whitsundays become a Whale Heritage Site!

The Whitsundays has been proudly recognised as a Whale Heritage Site by the World Cetacean Alliance, all thanks to the tireless efforts of Whales of the Whitsundays (WoW) and their enthusiastic community program. This prestigious designation highlights the immense importance of our region as a haven for humpback whales, especially as a calving ground. This […]

Mar 14

Clean Up Australia Day 2024

Clean Up Australia Day occurs annually on the first Sunday of March, bringing together schools and businesses nationwide in a collective effort to preserve the cleanliness of our towns, beaches, and natural landscapes. This year, the event witnessed a remarkable participation with over 10,000 Clean Ups organized throughout the country, and for the second consecutive […]

Feb 22

Beauty and the Boat

If you’re yet to experience the magic of hiring a catamaran in the Whitsundays, you may be left wondering what toiletries you’ll need. Bareboating introduces a unique lifestyle; with salty air, refreshing ocean dips and warm sunshine shaping your daily routine. Seafarers will be used to the no-fuss life, however some of you will be […]

Jan 31

Preparing the Fleet for TC Kirrily

We have been reminded that Mother Nature is at the helm, with two tropical cyclones coming to play in the Coral Sea this season. A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm that begins over tropical oceans. Starting their life as a low-pressure system, once the wind speed reaches 63km/hr or greater, the system is […]

Jan 15

Insta-Worthy Moments in the Whitsundays

Everyone loves a boast worthy pic to add to the social media feed, and on a Whitsunday Escape Charter you are guaranteed to be spoilt for choice. Bareboating offers the opportunity to explore multiple secluded bays, capturing crowd free shots of awe-inspiring landscapes. The islands’ colour palette requires no need for filters and is enough […]

Dec 20

Booking Your Charter in Advance

The Whitsunday Islands, with multiple pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life, has become synonymous with those insta-worthy snaps. For those seeking peace away from the crowds, booking a Whitsunday Escape Charter offers a rare opportunity to truly relax. While spontaneity has its charms, there are compelling reasons to reserving your charter well in […]

Nov 30

Planning your Dream Whitsundays Itinerary

So, you’ve secured your dream catamaran for a Whitsunday Escape, and you’re excited to cruise into those famous azure waters. Naturally, the next step is to plan your bareboat charter. Exciting times! The fun doesn’t end after searching ‘boat hire Whitsundays’. Next you’ll be picking your best snorkeling spots, secluded beaches, and secret coves to […]

Sep 21

Ahoy, Family Adventure!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable family trip, consider the Whitsunday Islands – a tropical playground that checks all the boxes. And what better way to explore them than on a bareboat charter? Discover why hiring a boat is the ultimate trip, likely to become a family favourite! Imagine your family lounging on the deck […]

Jul 28

Delicious Food on the Waves

Embarking on a Whitsunday Escape charter allows you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Islands at your own pace. And when it comes to food, who wants to spend all their time in the galley? We’ve got you covered with simple and tasty recipes that require minimal cooking equipment, so you can spend […]

Jul 11

Whale Heritage Status

The Whitsunday community has united in a bid to obtain Whale Heritage Site certification. This is an exciting undertaking for the community, for our company, and for our guests. The number of people wanting to experience whales and dolphins in their natural habitats is set to expand worldwide. But as this market grows, it is […]

Jun 2

Exploring the Coral Sea

World Oceans Day is observed on June 8th to raise global awareness about the importance of our oceans and to promote the sustainable management/conservation of marine resources. It’s an opportune time to highlight one of the most breathtaking marine ecosystems on our planet: the Coral Sea. Located off the northeastern coast of Australia, this magnificent […]

Jun 1

Best of Queensland Experience 2023

It is with immense pride and joy that we announce Whitsunday Escape has been honored with the prestigious “Best of Queensland Experience” award for yet another year! This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing unforgettable adventures and outstanding customer service. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude […]

Mar 16

Clean Up Australia Day

Whitsunday Escape family & friends rallied together to join in Clean Up Australia Day, volunteering their personal time to keep marine debris out of our region! This event runs each year on the first Sunday in March, with schools, communities and businesses getting involved in their local litter sweeps. We cruised out on our Leopard […]

Feb 3

The Whitsundays Calendar

The Whitsundays offer ideal conditions for bareboating throughout the year, with many protected anchorages and the Great Barrier Reef providing a surf break. Renting a boat and being in charge of your own holiday offers a great sense of freedom, and choosing when to charter can really alter the experience. Conditions throughout each month are generally […]

Dec 15

Festive fare aboard your Bareboat charter

Spending Christmas or New Year’s Eve aboard a luxury catamaran is the perfect tradition. Everyone gets to relax & bond over refreshing drinks and delicious food. Keep meals fuss-free with some slight tweaks to your usual festive feast. Here is a little food inspo, perfect for a Whitsunday Xmas spread aboard a bareboat: Prawns –  […]

Nov 23

Choosing the best bareboat for you.

New to bareboating and feeling daunted by the amount of choice? Our friendly team are here to help you decide. Sail or Power? Our sailing catamarans are not just for avid sailors. All our boats perform well under motor,  as they are equipped with twin engines. It is entirely acceptable to leave the sails down […]

Oct 11

Channel 7 Weekender

We were honoured to host Chris Parsons and the Channel 7 Queensland Weekender crew, aboard one of our luxury Power catamarans. Accompanied by one of our Managers, Tim Pugh, the show offers an insight into the spectacular freedom of bareboating, and the adventures to be had.     Weather conditions were superb and they set […]

May 25

Whitsunday Healthy Heart Project

The Whitsunday Regional Council, together with the Griffith Institute for Tourism (GIFT), have begun to develop a sustainable project plan for the region. Joining a group of local operators, whose interest is to become greater stewards of the Reef, Whitsunday Escape have pledged to be a part of this crucial project. The Whitsundays “Healthy Heart” […]

Mar 31

Our Eco-friendly Bareboat Guide

When choosing how to holiday, sailing is high on the list for a sustainable getaway. Being sustainable means having an awareness of how we impact the environment and not leaving an irreversible footprint wherever we go. Whitsunday Escape is proud to be Eco-certified, adhering to the standards set out by Australia’s Ecotourism program.  This certificate […]

Mar 24

Win a 5 night holiday and support the Ukraine Crisis Appeal on behalf of the Australian Red Cross

This appeal, organised by the Australian Red Cross, provides life-saving aid, food, shelter and hygiene items to the people and communities in Ukraine. Whitsunday Escape and generous boat owner, Bob from Mackay, are proudly supporting this cause. We are offering a 5-night bareboat charter on the fabulous Five Star Leopard 43 Power Catamaran valued at […]

2020 WYS WhitsundayIsland SailingEastCoast PhillGordon RiptideCreative 0582
Mar 21

Fuel Usage on Your Bareboat Holiday

During your bareboat holiday, whether on a power boat or sail boat, fuel will be consumed by both the boat and dinghy. Just like a rental car, your boat is full of fuel at the beginning of your charter and you top it up at the end. Although you are required to pay for the […]

Great Barrier Reef view from Outer Space
Jan 17

Seven Wonders of the Whitsundays

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World and once you’re here, there’s a whole lot of WOW every where you look! The Great Barrier Reef is, we believe, the grandest natural wonder in the world and is the only one that may be visibly recognized from outer space. […]

Dec 2

Your definitive guide to bushwalking and hiking around the Whitsundays (Part 3)

As per Part 1 & 2 of our bushwalking guide, if you enjoy a good walk in nature, the Whitsunday Islands are definitely the place for you. There are over 40 tracks and trails of varying lengths and difficulties and this is your definitive guide when it comes to walking the region.   Part 1 covered […]

Nov 25

Your definitive guide to bushwalking and hiking around the Whitsundays (Part 2)

As per Part 1 of our bushwalking guide, if you enjoy a good walk in nature, the Whitsunday Islands are definitely the place for you. There are over 40 tracks and trails of varying lengths and difficulties and this is your definitive guide when it comes to walking the region.   Part 1 covered the […]

Nov 23

Whitsunday Escape wins bronze at the Queensland Tourism Awards!

We attended the 36th annual Queensland Tourism Awards, hosted by the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) on the 12th of November, and what a fantastic night it was! In celebration of the Year of Indigenous Tourism, the entertainment was an exciting cultural experience. The evening shone a light on the exceptional tourism operators we have […]

Nov 18

Your definitive guide to bushwalking and hiking around the Whitsundays (Part 1)

Whether you’re a seasoned bushwalker, hiker, rambler, trampler, rucker, trekker or simply someone that enjoys a good walk in nature, the Whitsunday Islands are definitely the place for you. There are over 40 tracks and trails of varying lengths and difficulties and this is your definitive guide when it comes to walking the region.   […]

Oct 13

Airlie Beach Festival of Music

Get a jump-start on summer when the Airlie Beach Festival of Music plays stages across the town with a jam-packed line-up of incredible artists and headline acts from 5 – 7 November 2021. Party in paradise with big-name musicians and emerging local talent performing in Airlie Beach’s best party venues across three epic days when […]

Oct 1

Sea to Plate – Fresh Fish for Dinner

How many times have you had the pleasure of catching a legal size, tasty reef fish & cooking it up for dinner that same night? Well, on a bareboat charter in the Whitsundays, you have a good chance of making this an on-board reality! No licenses are required to fish in the Whitsunday waters. However, […]

Dinghy family views
Sep 14

Education, kids and the Great Barrier Reef

Bareboating and kids go hand in hand for good reason. The enjoyment of exploring such an amazing location, such as the Great Barrier Reef, is doubled when seeing it through a child’s eyes. With 74 islands to explore, both above and below the water, there is no shortage of things to see and do and […]

Aug 24

TripAdvisors Travellers’ Choice Award 2021

Whitsunday Escape are thrilled to announce that we have won the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award for another year in a row. This means that we are in the top 10% of attractions worldwide! Managing Director, Trevor Rees, said: After another challenging year, we’re glad to be continually recognised as a premier business. Being one of […]

Whitsunday Escape 6
Jun 16

Whitsunday Escape Gives Back

Whitsunday Escape has been the main sponsor of two raffles so far this year and together, have raised a whopping total of $47,575! None of this would be possible without the overwhelming support of our customers and generosity from our boat investors.   The first raffle was to raise funds for Hands Across the Water […]

Jun 13

Supercharge your Bareboat Adventure!

A bareboat is the equivalent to a fully self-contained floating apartment where you get to choose the location of each day! With numerous beautiful locations throughout the 74 Whitsunday Islands, your options are endless. With nothing to bring but yourself, clothes (somewhat optional), food and drink however, sometimes you might just want to add that […]

May 18

Whitsunday Escape in Support of Variety

Your chance to WIN a 5-night bareboating holiday in paradise with Whitsunday Escape valued at $10,000! Only 800 tickets available. Available to QLD & NSW residents only. Support Variety Australia the Children’s Charity and get your tickets today! For only $50, you could win a 5-night bareboating holiday in paradise worth $10 000 and support Variety, The […]

May 13

Best cocktail recipes for bareboats

The beautiful tropical sunshine of the Whitsundays calls for some cool cocktails that are easy to make. Tizzy up that gin & tonic, add some va-voom to your vodka… what ever your poison, we’ve got some inspiration that you can definitely manage on a bareboat holiday in the Whitsundays. We’ll have you prepared with simple […]

May 11

Hamilton Island Update

Hamilton Island is a common mid-charter destination when bareboating as it’s a chance to top-up your water tanks, re-stock on fresh provisions and have a night off from cooking. There is a berthing fee of roughly $245 for a 24-hour berth (11am – 11am) and you are required to berth the boat yourself.   RESTAURANTS […]

Apr 13

Dolphins in the Whitsundays

With the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park being an aquatic playground for many types of marine life and coral species, the Whitsundays are also home to a number of dolphin species. The most common, and arguably the most recognisable, of all dolphin species is the Bottlenose dolphin. These incredible mammals are a frequent sighting in […]

Mar 23

The Great Barrier Reef – more than just fish and coral

The Great Barrier Reef is home to a stunning array of animals, from microscopic plankton to whales weighing more than 100 tonnes. More than just fish and coral, the Reef supports: 1625 species of fish, including 1400 coral reef species More than 3000 species of molluscs (shells) 630 species of echinoderm (starfish, sea urchins) 14 […]

Jan 28

Win a 5 night holiday and support the Hands Across the Water charity

For only $50 you could win a 5 night bareboat holiday and support the Hands Across the Water charity. Whitsunday Escape are offering a 5 night bareboat charter on the fabulous Five Star Nautitech Open 40 valued at $6950. Tickets are available here. The unique Open 40 is the ideal catamaran for traveling with family and […]

2020 WYS WhitsundayIsland SailingEastCoast PhillGordon RiptideCreative 0582
Dec 22

The Whitsunday Boot Camp – Bareboat Edition

The Whitsundays are known for its aquamarine waters, deserted islands and a relaxing pace and most wouldn’t associate the word ‘Boot Camp’ with a bareboat holiday. However, over here at Whitsunday Escape, we are refreshing the boot camp image with our bareboat edition! And no, we’re not talking the 4am, military style training. The bareboat […]

ABFM logo not sized
Dec 17

Party Bands in Paradise

The Airlie Beach Festival of Music is hosting the next big music event, ‘Party Bands in Paradise’. Set for March 19th to 21st, the 3-day music festival will take over the the Cape Gloucester Resort in the beautiful Hydeaway Bay! Featuring 16 live acts over 3 days including The Black Sorrows, Bourbon Street, Bill Chambers, […]

Sorrento Restaurant & Bar
Dec 3

Best Restaurants in Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is well-known as the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands but did you know that Airlie Beach has a myriad of wonderful restaurants and cafes! With a range of cuisines and experiences available, one thing they all share is the picturesque backdrop that is the aquamarine waters of the Whitsundays. For a local food […]

best time blog
Nov 17

Best time to bareboat charter in the Whitsundays

Whilst most of Australia feels the stark reality of each passing season, the Whitsundays enjoys some of the finest weather year-round! The majority of the time, you will find the locals and visitors swimming in the ocean, basking in the sun, sailing the seas, exploring the wilderness off the beaten track. Whitsunday Escape is perfectly […]

Detailing Breakfast 5 small
Nov 13

Whitsunday Escape enjoys some rest & relaxation

The Whitsunday Escape Detailing Team had a morning of much-needed rest and relaxation recently. When given the choice in what they’d like to do, the Team opted for a relaxing morning outing. The Team headed to The Rocks at Coral Sea Resort for a delicious breakfast, followed by some sun in the pool and a […]

One big day of music
Oct 26

Airlie Beach Live and Local

The Airlie Beach Festival of Music is excited to announce Airlie Beach Live & Local. A mini-festival that will be held on Saturday 7 November, allowing music lovers to celebrate on what would have been the traditional Airlie Beach Festival of Music weekend. Although Covid-19 initially put an end to the 2020 Airlie Beach Festival […]

Operations Golf Day crop
Oct 19

Whitsunday Escape swaps blue for green

The Whitsunday Escape Operations Team had a team-bonding day last week. They opted to have a break from boats and to swap the sunset sail for a day on the green and so all headed to the new Whitsunday Green 9-hole Golf Course that has recently opened in Cannonvale. It was a day of side-splitting laughter […]

Tripadvisor Travellers Choice small
Sep 15

Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award

Whitsunday Escape are thrilled to announce that we recently won the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award. This means that we are in the top 10% of attractions worldwide! Managing Director, Trevor Rees, said: Receiving this award couldn’t have come at a better time. After the year that everyone has had, this is a welcome testament to […]

Ekka Rides in the sky
Mar 16

Brisbane Exhibition Day spent in the Whitsundays

Have you considered spending your Brisbane Exhibition Day, lovingly known as The Ekka Show Day, in the Whitsundays? This is a call out to all of our Brisbane friends – Are you wanting to plan your next holiday but you don’t have a lot of leave up your sleeve? Well we have the answer for […]

Wedding Tile
Mar 10

Whitsunday Weddings and Honeymoons

The Whitsundays have long been known as a stunning holiday destination and many people choose the Whitsundays as a place to get married or spend their honeymoon! There are a range of stunning venues and locations in and around the Whitsundays for a destination wedding, head out to Whitehaven Beach for a private elopement or […]

Rotary Tile
Mar 4

Whitsunday Escape raises $15 998 for the Rotary Bushfire Appeal

Whitsunday Escape ran a raffle over the last 4 weeks to raise money for the Rotary Bushfire Appeal. The prize included a 5 night holiday on a luxury 38ft sailing catamaran and 2 nights’ accommodation at Peninsula Airlie Beach. In total, a whopping $15 998.94 was raised and given to the Rotary Bushfire Appeal. Managing […]

Views you could have from your next yacht charter holiday with Whitsunday Escape™
Feb 12

Whitsunday Flora

The Whitsunday region has an array of interesting flora both above and below the water. You will come across many different types of flora while on your bareboat holiday but with a little bit of knowledge, you’ll be spotting out the different types below like a pro:   Coastal She-Oak Coastal she-oak can be found […]

Sunset Fauna Bay Whitsunday Escape™ Holiday Views
Feb 7

Whitsunday Fauna

The Whitsunday region has an array of interesting fauna above the water. You will come across many different types of fauna while on your bareboat holiday but with a little bit of knowledge, you’ll be spotting out some of the different types like a pro:   Birds of Prey The Whitsundays often offer spectacular aerial […]

Blog tile
Jan 13

Support the bushfire victims and get the chance to win a 7 night holiday!

We have all seen the disastrous fires that have devastated Australia, taking lives, countless wildlife and destroying hundreds of homes and properties. Our thoughts remain with our fellow Australians in all the fire-affected communities across Australia and we are thankful for the heroes working tirelessly to keep them safe. In light of this, Whitsunday Escape […]

Girl relaxing on beach valentines whitsunday holiday deals
Dec 18

Valentines Day in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays – turquoise blue water, beautiful coral reefs, white sandy beaches and 74 pristine islands. Everyone knows why the Whitsundays are amazing, but why should you explore by bareboat? We have all the reasons on why you should visit the Whitsundays for your Valentines bareboat getaway:   1. FREEDOM TO EXPLORE Bareboating gives you […]

Saba Bay Whitsundays Sailing Yacht Explore Whitsunday Escape™
Nov 19

The best summer anchorages to visit

As summer approaches, so do the Northerly sea breezes. This opens up a myriad of summer anchorages that are seldom visited during the rest of the year. Take a look at some of our favourite anchorages: 1. Saba Bay, Hook Island Saba Bay is located on the Eastern side of Hook Island. It has some […]

Oct 9

Escape with us to the Heart of Sailing!

The Whitsundays is the perfect destination for your next bareboat holiday! We believe it is the Sailing Mecca of the world and here is why:   LOCATION The Whitsundays are easily accessible from the three main East Coast airports (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne). No need to organise passports, foreign currencies or international long-haul flights – just […]

Sep 4

Hello Spring and bring on Summer!

Us North Queenslanders live for Spring and Summer and there is no better place to be than in the Whitsundays. Don’t miss out on our Spring & Summer Special from 1st November to 24th December 2019 – 7 nights for the price of 4! A holiday in the Whitsundays is all about time with the […]

Aug 22

Whitsunday Escape at the Brisbane Boat Show

WIN a bareboat holiday with Whitsunday Escape. Enter by registering at the door or at our Stand 114 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank. IF YOU LOVE BOATS, FISHING & WATER SPORTS YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THE BRISBANE BOAT SHOW There is something for everyone from canoes, kayaks, bareboat holidays and […]

Aug 8

Inside our photoshoot at Haslewood Island

We recently sailed to Haslewood Island for a photoshoot and anchored between Windy Bay and Katies Cove. The Nautitech Open 46 and the Leopard 40.1 were our models along with a couple of willing staff members and their families. The Whitsunday weather was an absolute showstopper; we had warm temperatures, light winds and a killer sunrise […]

Aug 1

Win a 5 night holiday and support the Hands Across the Water charity

For only $50 you could win a 5 night bareboat holiday and support the Hands Across the Water charity. Whitsunday Escape are offering a 5 night bareboat charter on the fabulous Five Star Nautitech Open 40 valued at $6950. Tickets are available here. The unique Open 40 is the ideal catamaran for traveling with family and […]

Jul 25

Excitement builds for Hamilton Island Race Week

The excitement is building in the lead up to Hamilton Island Race Week. With races beginning on the 17th August 2019 – spectators and yachties from around the globe sail to Hamilton Island for Australia’s largest offshore keelboat regatta. Hamilton Island Race Week is one of Australia’s favourite yachting events and a firm fixture on […]

Jul 21

Go Bareboating in the Whitsundays with Sydney Weekender

Jess Skarratt got a taste of bareboating in the Whitsundays when she got to experience our brand new Seawind 1160 3 Lite with a small group of friends.

From bushwalking on South Molle Island, to snorkelling over the amazing coral in Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island with a host of friendly tropical fish, and watching the sunset from Stonehaven Anchorage over deserted Langford Island sand cay, with a fresh cheese platter and glass of wine… sound good?

Jul 18

Airlie Beach Race Week is fast approaching

The Airlie Beach Race Week Festival of Sailing is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! Beginning on the 8th August – the race week sees Airlie Beach flocked with sailing boats of all shapes and sizes for a week of offshore sailing races and onshore entertainment. With the organisers expecting over 130 entries, […]

Jul 13

Airlie Beach Festival of Music holiday special

As seen on the most recent episode of Sydney Weekender…. The 2019 Airlie Beach Festival of Music is set to be an absolute knockout this year! Beginning on the 8th November, Airlie Beach comes alive and has both domestic and international acts. The event sees 74 bands playing over 3 days at 15 different venues […]

Jul 5

Welcome to the new Coral Sea Marina Resort

Whitsunday Escape is proud to be a part of the new Coral Sea Marina. Abell Point Marina has recently acquired the Coral Sea Resort and has merged and re-branded to create the exciting new hub now known as the Coral Sea Marina Resort.   The merger marks the beginning of a new era for the […]

Jul 2

Sailing Holidays Australia

Have you thought about where your next sailing holiday in Australia should be? Well the answer is the Whitsundays and more specifically with Whitsunday Escape!   Photo Credit: @reubennutt Bareboating in the Whitsundays is easy as it is known for its protected anchorages and generally calm seas. You just need a little boating experience and […]

Whitsunday Escape Power Catamaran Voyager 1040 underway front
May 27

Best time to visit Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands

Whilst most of Australia is rugged up for winter, the Whitsundays enjoys some of our finest weather!  Locals and visitors are swimming in the ocean, sailing the seas and basking in the sun. Whitsunday Escape is perfectly placed within the tropics and are blessed with average daytime temperatures from 23o to 30oC all year round. Best […]

Whale breach in the Whitsundays
Apr 26

The whales are here!

Don’t miss out on this majestic experience… Every year the annual humpback whale migration visits the Whitsundays on the way from Antarctica to the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and back. A Whitsunday Escape bareboat hire is the best self-guided whale watching tour you can do. Unlike day trips, when you […]

Couple Walking on Beach Whitsunday Escape
Mar 26

8 Tips to have the most romantic bareboating holiday

Looking for a romantic holiday experience you’ll never forget? Book a bareboat charter holiday. We can help you choose the right boat, and a suitable itinerary, so you can have a wonderful getaway with the one you love.

Northerlies Bar and Restaurant Airlie Beach Whitsundays
Mar 19

Airlie Beach restaurants to enjoy before bareboating in the Whitsundays

Before you embark on your bareboating adventure through the Whitsunday Islands, we recommend you take advantage of the ‘Stay Aboard‘ option. Not only does it allow you to settle in a night ahead of your charter start date, do your shopping, and familiarise yourself with your boat, it also gives you the chance to explore […]

Hill Inlet Whitehaven Beach Whitsunday Escape worlds best beach
Mar 11

Find your Perfect Next Whitsunday Holiday

Is it time you came back to the Whitsundays? Queensland, where it’s beautiful one day, and perfect the next. The Whitsundays, in the middle of the Queensland Coast, boasts the best of Queensland’s natural assets.

Australian Tourism Award silver winners 2018 Whitsunday Escape
Mar 5

Whitsunday Escape wins SILVER at Australian Tourism Awards

We just won SILVER at the Australian Tourism Awards! What an honour!  Held in Launceston, Tasmania, on Friday 1st March, the 2018 Australian Tourism Awards celebrated the best of each state’s tourism businesses across a wide variety of categories. As the state winner back in November, Whitsunday Escape represented Queensland in the ‘Unique Accommodation’ category, […]

marina black and white boats Whitsunday Escape Airlie Beach
Feb 16

Plan your holidays for 2019

By now, you’re probably all back into the swing of work and school, staving off the post-holiday blues. Are you contemplating when and where your next holiday will be? A bareboat holiday in the Whitsundays, is your next perfect holiday! If you need to travel in school holidays, now is the time to plan ahead, to […]

Sailing yacht Whitsunday Escape couple holiday Whitsunday Islands
Feb 14

The Ultimate Queensland Road Trip and a week on the water

Are you travelling through Queensland this year? Queensland has some of the most beautiful sights to see along the coastal and inland roads. You’ll be amazed at the diversity. From beaches, to rum, to waterfalls, to whales… Queensland has it all. You can see dinosaur fossils in the outback, find an abandoned Spanish castle in […]

Jan 25

Whitsunday Island Update

2019 is an exciting time for the Whitsundays. With revamped resorts opening throughout the year, and an extensive government works program, the islands are going to offer a raft of new activities, accommodation and experiences for visitors to enjoy. If you haven’t been to the Whitsundays in a while, or ever, make 2019 your year! […]

Jan 10

Airlie Beach Boat Hire

Airlie Beach is the heart of the Whitsundays, and the 74 islands of the Whitsundays are best explored by boat. Airlie Beach is the perfect place to begin your boating holiday. Airlie Beach boat hire comes in two forms. Day hire and weekly hire. If you are only looking for day boat hire,contact Airlie Boat […]

Dec 10

Christmas Gift Guide with a Bareboating Theme

Needs some Christmas gift inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of ideas centred around summer and bareboating holidays that might give you some ideas. Experiences are such a fantastic gift. Making memories together are the things that kids will reminisce about long after the holiday has passed.    1.    A bareboating holiday! Plan some quality family time […]

Dec 3

Latest news from Daydream Island Resort

Due to reopen to the public in April 2019, Daydream Island Resort has been forging ahead with their renovations and has some exciting announcements too. New Living Reef experiences A big focus of the Living Reef is education and a new Reef Exploration Centre is being built to provide hands on learning experiences for visitors […]

Coral spawn - The Great Barrier Reef on FB
Nov 28

Coral spawning

Every year on coral reefs around the world all coral species spawn en masse on the same night. It’s been described like an underwater snowstorm, as if you were swimming through a snow globe. There are various colours, and they can form clouds of white, pink, red, orange or yellow dots, floating all around. This […]

Nov 23

Whitsunday Escape wins GOLD at Queensland Tourism Awards

Whitsunday Escape wins gold for second time at Queensland Tourism Awards Whitsunday Escape last won the Queensland Tourism Award for Unique Accommodation in 2013, and went on to win gold at the Australian Tourism Awards that year. Whitsunday Escape has been awarded 13 Whitsunday Tourism Awards, ten Queensland Tourism Awards and one Australian Tourism Award […]

shark shield freedom7 how it works
Nov 19

Shark deterrent devices for Whitsunday Escape fleet

In an industry first, Whitsunday Escape has purchased shark deterrent devices for our entire fleet of bareboats. Ocean Guardian’s FREEDOM7 Shark Shield technology has been included as standard equipment on every boat. We are able to provide one per boat and the device can be worn by one person giving a 4 metre by 6 […]

Hamilton Island girl bushwalk Passage Peak sunset
Nov 6

8 Challenging Whitsunday Island Bushwalks

If you are looking for a fitness challenge, the Whitsunday Islands have some long, steep bushwalks you can tackle. Take plenty of water, wear sturdy walking shoes, and don’t forget your camera. The views from the top are sensational! With all bushwalks, especially the challenging ones, make sure you have enough water, and snacks if […]

Visit new Langford Island bushwalk lookout for amazing views with Whitsunday Escape
Oct 29

Top 5 Short Whitsunday Island Bushwalks

The Whitsunday Islands are beautiful, there’s no doubt about that. The best places to find epic views though are from the tops of the islands, and we’ve got a list of Whitsunday island bushwalks for you to explore. Some are short and easy, some are long and more challenging. Some you’ll be sharing with day […]

Oct 10

Why you need a mum-cation

A hot topic in parenting circles right now seems to be the idea of a mum-cation. What is a mum-cation? A holiday for mum, away from the kids and family, where she gets to relax, sleep in, eat whatever she wants, read (!), and generally rediscover who she is and what she likes, without little […]

Party on a Whitsunday Escape bareboat for New Years Eve week in the Whitsundays
Sep 11

Bareboating for New Years Eve

Bareboating is an awesome way to ring in the New Year! Picture this: a group of your favourite people, on board a luxury yacht or two, cruising or sailing around deserted islands, in a tropical paradise… Sounds like something you might enjoy? Maybe you need to organise a Whitsunday Escape bareboating holiday for New Years! Live […]

Whale breach in the Whitsundays
Sep 4

Whales in the Whitsundays

Winter is whale season in the Whitsundays, and when you hire a bareboat for a holiday between the months of June and September, you might be lucky enough to get front row seats on your own personal whale watching tour! Whales migrate north every winter and the calm waters of the Whitsunday Islands are a […]

multi generational family holiday Whitsunday Escape
Jun 26

Why you need to take your family bareboating around the Whitsundays

With holiday season approaching, it can be a daunting task to find somewhere fun and affordable to go for a family holiday. Sure, camping is fun if you don’t mind packing a whole truckload of gear and spending half your vacation setting-up and dismantling a flimsy tent. Then there’s the good old resort you go […]

Neuroblastoma Australia fundraiser Whitsunday Escape boat owners
Jun 6

Whitsunday Escape supports Neuroblastoma Australia fundraiser

Whitsunday Escape joined forces with a number of local Whitsunday businesses to host a charity fundraiser for Neuroblastoma Australia and the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia. The event raised nearly $55,000 for Australian children’s cancer charities, including $20,000 direct to Neuroblastoma Australia. Whitsunday Escape held a big raffle for a $9,000 bareboat holiday, which raised […]

Enjoy a freshwater deck shower on the back of your yacht with Whitsunday Escape
May 28

8 amazing things to do when you go bareboating

The Whitsunday Islands offer countless holiday experiences and there is no other holiday more unique than setting off on a private yacht to go bareboating. Invite your best friends or family on board, and get ready to find your own unique adventure that other people simply won’t be having. Here are some amazing experiences you can enjoy […]

Whitsunday Escape Leopard 44 has blue underwater lights
May 5

Charter the Leopard 44 Hakuna Matata… it means no worries

Please tell us you’re singing the song too! ♫ That’s exactly what you want when you go on holidays – no worries. Bareboating is the best way to have a worry free holiday. Once you’ve stocked up the boat, you don’t have to worry about entertaining the kids, you don’t have to worry about your […]

Whitsunday Escape Seawind 1250 saloon table
Apr 30

Fun family games to play while sailing the Whitsundays

Bareboat sailing holidays in the Whitsundays are all about reconnecting and enjoying some quality time together. Whether your kids are young or old, they’ll love the variety of experiences a bareboating holiday offers, and kids of all ages are welcome. While you will spend so much of your daylight hours in the water, on the […]

Honeymoon Island Chalkies Beach Katies Cove Haselwood Island
Apr 23

Island hopping by bareboat in the Whitsundays

Who doesn’t want to spend their holidays island hopping, cocktail or beer in hand, bikinis or board shorts on, swimming, relaxing, sailing, soaking up the sunshine and just radiating happiness? Sounds miserable? Then a bareboat sailing holiday in the Whitsundays is not for you! Would you like to choose your own adventure? Visit island resorts, […]

Daydream Island cocktails pool
Apr 16

Daydream Island set to reopen early 2019

Daydream Island to Reopen Daydream Island has long been a favourite destination for bareboat holiday makers in the Whitsundays. Situated close to the mainland, the island resort provides an excellent first or last night stop for a bareboat holiday, in a beautiful protected anchorage. The resort offered a bareboat mooring option that would also give […]

Girls relaxing on a bareboating sailing catamaran in the Whitsundays with Whitsunday Escape
Mar 19

You need longer than 3 days to go bareboating

3 days is not enough to go bareboating… Bareboating is a leisurely holiday, not a quick weekend away. We want you to come back relaxed, happy and satisfied that you experienced everything you wanted to during your time on the water. The cruising area you have to explore is so big and so diverse, that […]

Mar 13

To insure or not…

When you come to the business end of booking a bareboating holiday with Whitsunday Escape, we will always recommend you take out a very specific travel insurance policy. The money spent on your holiday is a significant investment and travel insurance provides you with peace of mind in case of the unlikely, unfortunate and unforeseeable […]

#abikiniaday when you go bareboating with Whitsunday Escape on the ultimate girls trip
Mar 5

The Ultimate Girls Trip to the Whitsundays

Looking for the ultimate girls trip holiday? Hiring a bareboat in the Whitsundays is possibly one of the best things you can do! A sailing or power boat will get you around – all you need is a little boating experience. If you aren’t a confident sailor; don’t let this deter you, every boat can […]

Feb 16

Easter cocktail recipes for bareboats

Move over mimosa! We’ve got some delightfully cheeky Easter-themed cocktails to tempt your taste buds this April. And the best part, is that they’re all easily made either by building or in a cocktail shaker. Which makes them perfect for your Easter bareboat holiday. For the kids, have some chocolate or vanilla milk, and lemonade […]

Chalkies Beach, Hazelwood Island, Whitsunday Escape bareboat charter mooring location
Feb 8

New Moorings around the Whitsunday Islands

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Association has been very busy in the wake of Cyclone Debbie. They have installed 37 new bareboat moorings around the Whitsunday islands. Some are additional moorings in popular locations, and others are completely new!

Langford Island bushwalk views of Whitsunday Escape boat
Feb 6

Langford Island Walking Track Completed

Thanks to Queensland Parks and Wildlife there is a new bushwalking track on the beautiful Langford Island. It’s a short track of about 300m with a gentle incline and some stone steps, best suited to walkers with a little fitness and bushwalking experience. Walkers should allow about 20 minutes to stroll up the track and […]

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